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360 Consulting Services is a full professional service company that offers complete  professional and organizational development and auditing, in the Little Rock & Southwest GA  Area. 360 offers  professionals a wide variety of services that can be utilized to develop a entity or program from start to finish. 360 is unique from otherconsultants in that organizations can contact us before starting a  facility, during the development of the  facility, and for support after the facility opens. In addition, 360 can provide existing healthcare organizations in auditing, professional development, policy creation and development, and human resource needs. 360 will also offer many contract services for healthcare and non-healthcare entities such as management assistance, staffing services, grant writing, and notary services. We will work with our clients to develop a company specific evidence based plan that will take care of the organization’s needs. Each client will be assigned a Consulting Concierge that will conduct a needs interview, which will allow us to develop specific tools for the organization.

360 Consulting will strive to help any business create, maintain, and sustain their most important asset, people. We will work with new and existing businesses to train, audit, and retain competitive business practices. 


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